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How to Apply Sunset Inspired Eyeshadow Tutorial

I got a request for this look, so I thought I'd put something together today.  It's a colorful look that's very easy to do, starting with a purple that fades into orange, like the evening sky. If these colors are a little too much for your liking, you can always go for more of a burnt orange and warm brown, instead of the bright oranges I used. Keep on reading to see how to create this fun, end-of-summer eyeshadow look.

Start out by priming your eyes. I am using NARS Pro Prime Smudge-Proof Base.

Apply some black eyeliner to the lid along the lash line. We're going to smudge this out, so it doesn't have to be clean. I am using MAC Fluidline in Black and a Sigma E65.

Smudge it out. I am using just a clean finger to smudge.

Apply Urban Decay Urban (bright metallic purple) all over the lid. I use a MAC 242 for this.

Blend Urban Decay Slowburn (bright red-orange matte with floating pearl) onto a blending brush and blend at the edge of Urban. I use a Mac 217 for this.

Now blend the Slowburn upwards.

Apply Makeup Forever 18 (matte, bright orange) right above Slowburn and blend well.

Add some Saucebox Modern (matte, bright light orange) over Makeup Forever 18, continuing the angled shape.

Add some black winger liner. I am using Mac Chromaline in Black.

Add some Saucebox Caramel (matte, warm brown midtone) and blend under the lash line.

Take more Urban and smudge it under the lash line. I use a Sephora Classic Smudge Brush to apply and blend.

Blend some Modern right under Urban.

I am also lining my water line with a bit of brown liner, since it is softer than black. Add some mascara and lashes if you'd like & you're done!

Here's the finished look.

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