Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am a blogger, an artist, makeup artist, wife, mother, and lover of colors, currently living in Seattle, Washington.


I created RebeccaKShores.com to  educate about color  and showing you how editing a life that lets you create everyday is achievable for the everyday person.

RebeccaKShores.com is all about giving an artists approach to life. I draw on my background in fine arts to create posts that will inspire you or educate you on beauty, skincare, art and illustration, color theory, cooking, and more. I created my blog to provide easy-to-follow tutorials, authentic and honest reviews, to share tips and tricks I've learned, and to show that you can find ways to be creative and curate a life that leaves you feeling inspired. 

If you love to be creative, want to find inspiration, and love to curate things in your life you’ll feel right at home here!
You will find value in every post! From step-by-step tutorials, in depth reviews on my favorite products from makeup to art supplies that help you on your creative journey. You’ll find inspiration to help you create, as well as an artist’s approach to teaching techniques. You’ll learn the techniques and skills you need to then go out and create on your own, and I’ll do my best to share things to inspire you as well.


I started my blog (formally rebeccashoresmua.com) in 2013 when I moved to Utah to have another creative outlet and to share with others what I know about makeup. I found some amazing people in the beauty community and continued blogging and creating a community of color lovers. I am still creating tutorials with looks that are interesting enough for those with a higher skill level to appreciate, while adding visual guides and plenty of steps so those just starting out with makeup can also follow along. My background in fine arts really helps in pairing colors for tutorials and discussing undertones in my reviews. I also worked as a freelance makeup artist for a few years before I had Julia.  I am always taking tutorial requests so that I can create looks that you want to see, so leave requests in the comments.

 In 2019 I re branded as RebeccaKShores.com as I went from a purely beauty blog to a creative lifestyle blog. I was feeling very stuck in the beauty community and as an artist I wanted to be able to create in other ways and share those. I love teaching and sharing what I am creating so I didn’t want to keep my skills and experience to myself. Now as creative lifestyle blogger I can help you learn more about creativity, how to curate and edit to design a home and life you love, and how to think out of the box.

I write on a few topics, with creativity on my mind. On RebeccakShores.com you’ll find beauty, creativity, and life posts.

Beauty will be all about makeup, skincare, hair care, and some color theory for makeup. In the beauty posts you’ll learn how to apply makeup, how to create skincare routines, read reviews to help know if a skincare product is right for you, and learn more about how color theory can help you select your best red lipstick or find your foundation undertone.

Create is about everything art, food, garden, and a lot of color theory and inspiration. All of these with a creative take on them. If we’re talking about how to garden, I’ll be teaching you how to design or why those colors work so well together. Reading a post on art can include step by step how-tos as well as inspiration. Let me bring you into the kitchen and show you how to think creatively about food and color, flavor and texture combinations.

Life is about how to live creatively and how you can curate the life you really want. I’ll teach you how to use mood boards to design your living room or inspire yu to design a Pacific Northwest Nursery. We’re not just going to go over what I dress my toddler in, let’s think creatively! I’ll show you how I selected colors and then how I curate a toddler capsule wardrobe! These are great things to know since they keep your home clean, organized, and beautiful. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so stick around and I’ll show you my favorite spots in the city of Seattle, and take you along when I travel to Oregon.



 I have my bachelors of Art in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon. I studied painting and drawing as my focus, and took digital art studio classes as well so I learned the skills for photo editing and video editing. These skills are both the skills I teach, and also the skills I need to be able to share educational content with you! I also worked as a makeup artist from 2011-2017 so I have plenty of experience and worked on a lot of faces so you’ll learn new tips and tricks and ways to think out of the box in my beauty tutorials.

 I am from Eugene, Oregon, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I am absolutely in love with Seattle. It's the perfect balance of city, forest, sea and mountains, one day we can be walking around downtown and the next taking a ferry to a quiet island, it's lovely! I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jeffrey. He is slightly nerdy, an engineer, has his masters in Physics and is my best friend. We have a daughter, Julia, she keeps me on my toes, she's full of giggles, learning new things and just a joy in our lives. If I am not working on a creative interest I am probably chasing her around.  On the weekends, you'll find me exploring the city, the sea, the mountains, the great food, coffee, & farmer's markets in Washington.

I also work as a freelance fine artist. I do lots of sketching, painting, drawing and graphic design. I am always doodling or working on portraits. I also take commissions as well as sell my work and submit to galleries. You can see my work here at rebeccashores.com or purchase some artwork on my Etsy or Society6.


If you are wanting to learn new techniques, learn how to pair and wear more colors, enjoy skincare and cosmetics, and like to follow along with tutorials you're in the right place.

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