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Dramatic Copper Eyeshadow Tutorial

Here's my copper eye shadow tutorial! I wanted to do something different and dramatic using some new copper shadows I've got. I love coppers on blue eyes, but they look great on all eye colors! This is a dramatic, very copper eye look with a different shape than I normally go for, but I am a big fan.  Follow along if you wanna see how I created it.

Personally, I like this look with a purple lip, but I included a picture with a nude lip too.

Here's the video version if you perfer those!

Prime your lids!  I am using Lorac Behind the Scenes Primer.

Brush some  Saucebox Beaming (matte, pale white-yellow) from the crease to the brow bone as a base shadow. I have a bit of a false tan here, so I went for a slightly darker base shadow. I use a Simga E60 to apply.

Put Mac Coppering (shimmer, bright red-copper) all over the lid. I use a Mac 242 for this.

Now, following the weird shape I made with dots apply Mac Saddle (matte, warm brown). So you're applying from the crease up to under the brow. I use a Simga E40 for this.

 Apply some Mac Red Brick (matte, red-orange) just inside where we applied Saddle. I use a Sigma E45 for this step.

We're blending a lot of shadows here, so now add Mac Brown Script (matte, warm burnt orange) with a Sigma E45).

To add more depth to just the crease, add a touch of Mac Embark (matte, warm brown) only into the outer third of the  crease. I use a Sigma E45 for this as well.

Now bleeeend it all together.  I am using a Mac 217 for this.

To blend out the lower lash line, start with Mac Saddle and apply it along the lower lash line. I use a Sigma E45 for this, but opt for a smaller brush (pencil brush) if you don't want it so dramatic.

Blend it out.

 Use a pencil brush to add some Mac Antiqued (shimmer, deep copper brown) to the outer third of the lash line.

  Here's where it's going to get fun. On a pencil brush apply some of Mac Shadowy Lady (matte, deep purple) along the lower lash line.

Drag it up along the crease, too.

Then blend it all out. I used a clean pencil brush to blend so I had more control.

I went for a copper highlight, too. Wet a brush with some type of setting spray (I used NYX Matte Setting Spray and a pencil brush) and pack on Mac Copper Sparkles (shimmer-glitter pigment, copper) into the inner corner.

Add a touch of gold to the very inner corner. I used a pencil brush to apply Urban Decay Half Baked (shimmer, bright gold).

Line your eyes, the water line, tight line and upper lash line with a black pencil. I am using Nars Larger than Life Pencil in Vio Venito. Then, using an angled brush pack Mac Shadowy Lady over the top to give it a deep purple look.

Add lashes and mascara and you're done!

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