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Tutorial: Soft Taupe Eyeshadow

Here's an easy daytime appropriate look with lots of taupe and gray eyeshadow. It's easy to apply and looks super pretty, using shadows from Urban Decay Naked 2 and Saucebox Etude palette.

Here's the look we'll be going for.

Start by priming your eyes. I am using the NARS Pro Primer Smudge Proof Primer.

Apply a base shadow from the crease to the brow. I am using Saucebox Snow Flake as my base shadow and applying with a Sigma E60.

Apply Urban Decay Tease (matte, taupe) to the crease using a Sigma E45.

Blend that up using a Mac 217.

Apply Urban Decay Pistol (shimmer, warm medium grey) to the inner and outer corner with a Mac 217.

Apply Saucebox Almond (matte, medium cool grey) to the two outer corners with a pencil brush.

Next, use a Mac 242 to apply Urban Decay Verve (shimmer, warm light silver grey) to the center of the lid. I also apply NARS Soft Touch pencil in Goddess (satin/shimmer, light champagne pink) before applying to make Verve brighter.

Apply a touch of Saucebox Toffee (matte, black) with a pencil brush and blend well, just to add more depth not to add black.

Blend that out even more with a Mac 217.

Take Saucebox Toffee on a pencil brush and run it under the whole lower lash line.

Use a Mac 217 and blow it out. The dots represent where I blend to, you can do more or less or a different shape, depending on your eye shape.

Throw some Urban Decay Booty Call (satin, warm off white) to the inner corner to highlight.

Add some winged liner if you'd like & add mascara and there you have the finished look.

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