Welcome to my blog, I am Rebecca. I give an Artist's Approach to Life. Follow me for beauty tutorials and reviews, color education, creativity, PNW living, recipes, motherhood and more.

Welcome to, A Creative Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to, A Creative Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to, A Creative Lifestyle Blog website

Here's the beginning of a shift from RebeccaShoresMUA to RebeccaKShores. From a blog that's would be considered more lifestyle, yet I don't think it's just that. I find typically lifestyle Instagram accounts and blogs don't quite encompass what I intend to do here.

I don't want to just show you pretty things are pretty pictures. I want also I value to your life which is one of the reasons why I am switching over from purely makeup.

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I have a few reasons. One was it took away a lot of my time from those who are important to me. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was pregnant with my daughter. I would take my computer, lights, camera with me to Oregon when I’d go visit just so I could have content. I would stay up late and get up early just trying to get things done and because I was such a perfectionist often videos that I worked hours and hours on never even got uploaded. After realizing that I wanted to spend time with my family because time is so precious, people are fragile, and lives are short I stopped bringing my computer to Oregon and set better “off work” hours at home. I focused more on spending time with people.

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When had my daughter I had even less time during the postpartum. I got diagnosed with OCD, my mental health becoming out of control robbed me of my early memories with my daughter because I couldn't be present. Being present and in the moment is something that I am striving for going forward. I've done even stricter curation on my life and one thing that's getting cut is the purely beauty content here, at least for now.

I find that purely beauty content doesn't add a lot of value to my life and I don't really know how much value it adds to yours. I don't want to put out things that aren't adding value to the world. If it's not adding value to my life or your life I don't really know why I'm taking huge chunks of my time to create it. And time is the one thing, no matter how hard you try or how much money you have, you cannot get it back.

I also find in a way, it's inauthentic. My interest much more fall under having a creative backbone rather than just makeup. I think it's more honest if I share those parts of my life as well.


Going forward this account will be about living creatively. Looking to inspire you, teach you a technique or challenge you to do something creative! This will often include makeup because makeup is a way that I create.

I also find that being present has to do with relationships and I've made a lot of great friends within the beauty industry as well as relationships with brands. However, I also want to share more with you which I find is more authentic and I think that's what we need right now more.

My life isn't just make up it's not always pretty, but I do always try to find beauty and contentment. Most of my content will still tie into creative and colorful things, and you can create in so many more ways than just make up!


For example, I'll be sharing some fine art which is what my background is in I'll still be creating with color and texture with makeup, but I might also take you into my garden where you can also play with color and texture, and then as you go into the color and texture in the garden you can take that and take it into your kitchen color and texture within food but we're also getting into flavor which is another realm that you can create in. I may take you into a little bit of my day to day life maybe sharing a bit more on with my daughter, but I'll show you that creatively as well.

I know a lot of people follow people for their authenticity and I find that giving you only a part of myself it's kind of like a half truth so I want to share more in these coming months.

Let me know in the comments if they're certain topics you'd like to either hear about in the captions or if there are things that you're more interested in I also want to create a community of other individuals that are on their way to living a life creatively and curated and present.

An Artist's Approach to B̶e̶a̶u̶t̶y̶ Life


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