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How to Decorate a Pacific Northwest Themed Nursery

How to Decorate a Pacific Northwest Themed Nursery

Pacific Northwest Themed Nursery

Here is the Pacific Northwest Themed Nursery that I created for my daughter, Julia. I actually took these photos before her arrival, but not much had changed while we still lived in the townhouse.

She gained a toy box and a few more books, but other than that her room looked the same. We have since bought a house, and he bedroom has the same decor and a repainted it. Let me know if you’d like to see the updated room now that she’s a toddler!

When brain storming I came up with three themes, Pacific Northwest/Mountains, Constellations/Night Sky, or Whales/Sea themed and then Jeff selected the PNW theme. I swear my true calling is a nursery decorator and mural painter, maybe one day.

Mountains and mint are the two big things in here room that most of the decor is based around. I also love to use Pinterest to create mood boards when it comes to creating themes for just about anything, here is my mood board for this mountain themed nursery.

For the style and vibe, I prefer airy, minimal rooms, to inspire a sense of calm. We kept furniture to simple more Scandinavian inspired design and a limited color palette of white, grey, and mint. 

Let's get started on the tour.

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (3 of 14).jpg
Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (1 of 14).jpg

This is the mural I designed and painted on the wall her crib goes on.

Originally, I was going to draw random mountain shapes in an atmospheric perspective, but Jeff joked about making each peak based on a real mountain. After looking up mountains in Washington and Oregon and a bunch of sketches I came up with this. All but one peak is a real mountain, Mt Hood, Rainier, The Sisters, they are all there.

The walls in her room were already white so we picked out a green based grey for the closest mountains and they fade into a cool grey. It took me four days to paint with dry time, and really I should've done the painting before I was 26 weeks pregnant. (I repainted the mural when we bought our house and it took WAY less time the second time)

This might be my favorite part of her room, it gives nice contrast to the rest of the room without being overpowering.

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (4 of 14).jpg

I saw a similar mobile on Etsy, but it was $80 before shipping and the trees weren't the correct share do green. I DIYed this mobile. I used a cross-stitch round that I covered in yard and then hand sewed the mountain and trees. We did have to put the mobile higher up as Julia was getting too close to grabing it. If you would like a tutorial on how to DIY a felt mobile comment below!

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (5 of 14).jpg

When Julia was under a year her grey bunny now lives in her bookshelf to keep her crib baby safe. 

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (6 of 14).jpg

Look how beautiful this stroller blanket is! My friend Trish (@tinylittle_bird on Instagram) knitted it for Julia and it matched the mint color of our nursery perfectly. We use it as a stroller blanket in the cooler months and used it for tummy time when Julia was little during the warmer months.

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (7 of 14).jpg

My parents got Julia this little bouncer, it lived in her room before she arrived, but would go around the house while she was little. We now have her white toy box in this corner and her bouncer was retired. 

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (8 of 14).jpg

Julia has a small bookshelf under her window. She has more books now, but we are mindful to keep books in rotation that are age appropriate so her bookshelf doesn't overflow with books and then overwhelm.

I got the mountains off of Etsy from Itsy Bitsy Creative, they now live on a floating shelf in the corner of her room since she is walking and constantly at the bookshelf. 

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (10 of 14).jpg
Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (9 of 14).jpg

For a softer light we have a floorlamp with a dim bulb for before bedtime stories.

Her mountains on the wall now have pages she has colored. I loved the clothespin mountains so she could hang some of her art work on her wall. It's from Maple Shade Kids on Etsy.

The chair isn't my favorite, and it's even uglier under the cover, but my husband loves it. I didn't love the idea of a rocking chair since I didn't think we'd use it after a few months and we didn't want Julia to be reliant on being rocked to sleep, and I am glad we didn't invest in one. Eventually we will probably retire this chair for her table and chair, but while she's still little having a comfortable chair is a must. This chair was also great to have for night time nursing.

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (12 of 14).jpg
Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (11 of 14).jpg

We wanted to skip getting a changing table and just use the dresser. Since we wanted a dresser that would also work as a changing table too we went with a long one.

This is the HEMNES 8-drawer dresser from IKEA and we really like it. There's a changing pad on top, that grey box is filled with diapers so it works great for changing.

Julia has a capsule wardrobe so I have IKEA cubes in the two center drawers full of her clothes. The bottom two are blankets and carriers and the other has toys that she will grow into. The top have toiletries, extra diapers and wipes and socks/accessories.

Finding a mint lampshade was hard, this on was from the Land of Nod.

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (14 of 14).jpg

I found this on Etsy from Hachi and Tegs and it is both adorable and useful. It matches the mountain decor, and we are also using it constantly. I would highly recommend having a peg or two on a nursery wall. We hang up her sleep sack and/or sweaters on it most days.

Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (2 of 14).jpg
Pacific-northwest-inspired-nursery-styling (13 of 14).jpg

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Julia's Pacific Northwest inspired nursery.

It really was so fun to create a room for her and it is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I have found the set up very functional and very little has changed over a year of a half of use other than swapping the bouncer for a toy box, and we didn't regret any of our nursery purchases.

Keeping the decor from overwhelming the room also makes tidying up quick and easy and weekly dusting doesn't take forever. If you would like to see how we have organized her dresser or any other nurser/toddler room pots let me know in the comments.

What does your child's room look like? Do you like calm colors or more bright colors in your home? Let's chat in the comments!


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