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How to Create a Capsule Makeup Collection + Giveaway!

How to Create a Capsule Makeup Collection + Giveaway!

How to Create a Capsule Makeup Collection

+ Giveaway!

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I wear a capsule wardrobe and most of my life and home is tightly curated.

The idea is to have items you love and wear often. Here is my take on a capsule makeup collection.

This would also be a good starting point for those who want to start wearing makeup. I curated this capsule makeup collection thinking about how to fit in a lot of people and also for people I think would benefit most from it. Those working in an office setting, those who are students, parents, etc who don't have a ton of time before running out the door in the morning.

I did select a highlight and blush I wouldn't chose if this was a for “Rebecca” capsule, but since I will be doing a giveaway with the products I wanted to have colors that would fit more skin tones. If I was making my own I would have selected a cooler pink blush and a lighter highlight.

The first two looks I created are super quick and easy to apply. You will also have two tutorials for "night out" looks or for those that want to wear a heavier makeup style or that have a bit more time to get ready. I am also going to include one more bold and atypical look for those that want to stand out more.

If you guys like this series I would love to do another with a different style in mind. Maybe for color lovers, or for more mature skin, or for bold looks,. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see!

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Why would you create a Capsule Makeup Collection

A great thing about a capsule, whether it's makeup or your closet. Is that you'll learn to multi task! If you have a limited amount of product to work with you'll learn to use it in a few ways. This is great cause you can own less and save money and produce less waste. It also lets you invest into products that preform really well, rather than having a lot of lower quality items for the same price.

A capsule is also great for those with less time, maybe your a student, a mom, working early hours. If you have less choices, it'll make getting ready faster. For my closet, everything mixes and matches so I never have to try on two or more outfits to see if the pieces work together. This capsule makeup collection will work the same way.

It's also great for those starting out with makeup! You can get a good handle on the products, and have all items you'll use for quite a few looks. You can start out with a few items and add to your collection where you see fit. If I was starting from scratch I would start with something similar to this and then add a few bold pops of color items to fit my makeup style.

This could also be your go to for travel if you tend to over pack makeup, I know I do.

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What I am using for my Capsule Makeup Collection

I wanted to keep the collection a reasonable size so I am going to be using fifteen items in total.

I have included the color items in a giveaway. Since foundation and correcting products won't fit a large group of people, I am just going to be giving away the colors products. Makeup Geek generously added all the Makeup Geek items to the giveaway.

There will be five tutorials on the way so make sure you sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram to make sure you don't miss it. The giveaway will end on August 19th, 2019 when the final makeup look comes out! Rules will be below!

  1. Look 1 - Day time quick

  2. Look 2 - Day time warm eyes

  3. Look 3 - Night time - date

  4. Look 4 - Night time - glam

  5. Look 5 - Bold - My take


How to

How to find products that work for your capsule makeup

  • Curation is the first step. You have to edit and decide if you want to rotate seasonally or not. For example, maybe you want a fresh faced look for spring/summer, but want to change over to something matte and dramatic for fall/winter.

  • With any capsule it's okay to have a few trendy items. I think adding in a few fun colored lipsticks or some fun liners would be a great addition to add more pizazz to your looks.

  • This is a great way to work through products and not waste them, try a product out, maybe you find out you love a cream blush, use it up and then you can invest in a higher end or another version of the product since you know you use it.


How to enter:

Follow me on Instagram @rebeccakshores, like this photo, and tag two friends (You may tag up to two friends per week of the giveaway for an additional entry)

For an additional entry share the giveaway post with the #rebeccakshoresgiveaway on Instagram stories or your feed.

Comment on this bog post and/or do the additional steps on the rafflecopter for more entries.

Giveaway Rules

  1. This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

  2. This contest is hosted by Rebecca Shores. With a generous gift from Makeup Geek Cosmetics.

  3. The contest starts July 12th at 8am, and ends August 18th at 12:00am PST

  4. Giveaway is open to US residents 18 years or older or 13 and older with guardian’s permission.

  5. To enter: Be following @rebeccakshores on Instagram, like this photo and tag two friends.

  6. For addition entries share this post in your Instagram feed or stories with #rebeccakshoresgiveaway and/or go to my blog post for the Rafflecopter extra entries.

  7. The winner will the chosen at random.

  8. The winner will be announced in the last blog post on August 18th, 2019 at 8am PST. I will also share the winners name on Instagram. Please email me to claim your prize. If the winner does not claim the price within a week of being chosen a new winner will be selected.

  9. Rebecca Shores will be shipping the prize to you via UPS, she will be responsible for shipping charges.

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I hope you guys like this series. If you guys do please let me know in the comments. I also like the idea of a more colorful capsule makeup, and show case a few looks that are bolder and colorful.

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