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Tutorial: Stevie Nicks Inspired

This tutorial is based on a photo of Stevie Nicks and goes out to Nicole of who requested it. I ended up basing my makeup and photographing this tutorial they day she showed me the photo, since I hadn't put on my makeup for the day yet. It isn't something I would typically wear, due to my features, but it was fun to recreate.
Prime your lids. I am using Urban Decay Primer Potion.
I applied Fresh Minerals in Twisted Mind to my lid. (I got this forever ago at a Fred Meyer in Oregon & I don't know if it's still sold.) This is a loose shadow that is a light shimmery tan color, close to MAC Pigment in Naked).
Sweep an eyeshadow color close to your skin tone from the crease to the brow. I am using MAC Blanc Type.
Apply Urban Decay Naked from the crease to halfway to the brow with a tapered brush (Simga E35).
Apply The Balm Matt Garcia right above the crease and along the lower lash line & make a nice point where they meet. I am using a Simga E35 for this step.
Blend the edges.
Run The Balm Matt Rosen from the inner corner of the crease and blend in and over the Matt Garcia.
Take a Sigma E45 and MAC Typographic and place it in the crease.
Blend upwards.
Take a pencil brush and run MAC carbon under the lashline.
Using an angled brush, apply black gel liner half way across the lid.
Run a little bit under the lash line, too.
Take a pencil brush with MAC Carbon and smudge it into the gel liner.
Dab on a touch more of the Twisted Mind pigment in the center of the lid.
Highlight the inner corner with MAC Shroom.
Highlight the browbone with MAC Mylar.
Then tightline with black and line the waterline with a nude liner. Follow up with curling your lashes and adding some black mascara.
So, now we're going to the finish the rest of the face. I have foundation on and it's powdered, but here I will show you how I am applying my blush.
Contour lightly along the cheekbone. I am using MAC Sculpt.
Apply MAC Dessert Rose along the cheek bone and blend well toward the center of your face.
Add MAC Salsarose right under your cheekbone, where you would normally contour.
Use a natural fiber brush and blend upwards.
Contour your forehead and jawline lightly and highlight the top of your cheek bones.
In the picture I was referencing, Stevie had a brown-red lip. I used Clinique Spiced Apple, since it was the closest I had.
Here's the finished look.


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