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SauceBox Etude Palette Review

Here's my review on the SauceBox Etude Palette

Here are my thoughts on the Etude Palette by SauceBox.  My thoughts, color descriptions, photos of the packaging and swatches all here & you can watch my

video review  

as well.

 Front of Palette


SauceBox Etude Palette Review


 - Cream Dream, Almond, Toffee, Caramel, Chocolate, Biscotti, Beaming, Snow Flake

Without Flash - Cream Dream, Almond, Toffee, Caramel, Chocolate, Biscotti, Beaming, Snow Flake


A matte, neutral with maybe a hint of olive mid tone brown. Looks great in the crease.


A matte, burgundy-red color. This is a perfect color of fall, or year round. It works great as a smokey eye. This is the one color that doesn't apply as smooth as the others


A matte, very pale yellow. Great to highlight, or as a base shadow if you're on the fair side.

Snow Flake:

A matte, off white

Perfect for a highlight and I use it all the time as a base shadow.

Cream Dream: 

A matte, neutral light brown. I use this color a lot. It's great for a transition color for lighter skin tones or can be a base shadow for deeper skin tones.


A matte, cool mid tone grey. Smoke it out, throw it in the crease--so many options.


A matte, black. SauceBox makes the blackest black ever,. I so love this shade.


A matte, warm mid tone brown.  Another great shadow for the crease, base shadow for some and a great transition color.

Price: 9.5 /10 

There are 8 pans that at 4.5 g each, so a total of 36 g. This is quite a lot of pigment for $50.

Pigmentation: 9.5/10

The pigmentation is typical of other SauceBox shadows. They are very pigmented, but still easy to blend shadows. Biscotti is the only one that has slightly less pigmentation to the others.

Texture: 9/10

The shadows are very soft, which is what I prefer. There is some fallout upon application, but that is expected with the soft texture.  The Biscotti is the only one that has a lightly harder texture and Toffee is the softest.

Packaging: 8/10

The packaging is sturdy, but it is cardboard. It's thin and compact without a lot of wasted space, so I do like that. I also like that it has a large mirror, as I could use this when I travel which is a pro.  I like the drawing on the front and the soft pink color.

Overall Quality: 9/10 

I think this is a great palette since it can be paired with anything. This is like a better version of the Naked Basics palette. It's a perfect pair with those palettes that have too many shimmers. This isn't a palette I'd recommend for a first palette, but I pair it with my Naked 2 or Electric or other single shadows all the time.  It's also something you could throw in your brows or use as contour, so it has more uses than just your eyes. For pro MUAs this would be a great thing to keep in your kit.

Repurchase: Yes

Yes, I've been using it frequently since I got it, and it pairs well with so many colors.


 Amount of product for price, pigmentation, texture, colors


 No range of textures, not ideal to be used alone

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