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Review: Saucebox Forbidden Fruits Palette

Review: Saucebox Forbidden Fruits Palette

No flash, with Lorac Primer

 Flash, with Lorac Primer

No flash, bare skin

flash, bare skin

Tutu: Pale ballerina pink with a shimmer finish.

Lava Love: A slightly cool matte red with gold mircoglitter.

Forget me Knot: Orchid purple-pink shimmer.

Grape Fruit: A mavue-purple matte with silver microglitter.

Plumtastic: A deep blackened purple matte.

Berry Pink: A cool magenta shimmer.

Price: 10/10 


eye shadow pan

 is 4 grams, so the palette a total of 24 grams of product. The the amount of product and the price + taking in the account 


 quality this is a great deal

Pigmentation: 10/10

These are very pigmented. I am quite impressed with the 


 from this brand overall and this palette is no exception. The colors are almost true to pan, if not true to pan. They are very bright, which I really like.

Texture: 9/10

The texture is nice, the shimmers are very soft and easy to pick up, the mattes are a tad harder, but still have a nice velvety feel. They all blend well.

Packaging: 9/10

I usually don't like "cute" packaging, but I find the Saucebox packaging to be almost artsy. I really like the design with the girl on it. The palette itself is pretty sturdy with a large, nice mirror, but it is cardboard.

Overall Quality: 10/10 

The package is nice, the color selection is good, the pigmentation is amazing, over all I really like this palette and i think a lot of you would enjoy it ass well.

Repurchase: Yes

With how pigmented and large the shadows are it'll take my years, but yes I would 




 Texture, pigmentation, package, colors


 I could do without 



This review is not 


, this palette was bought for me by my husband.

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