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Carroussel Lashes Iris Review

Carroussel Lashes Iris Review

Hey guys! I'm going to be posting more often here on my blog and figured a good place to start would be reviews. I know in the past I've done reviews of collections which can end up being quite long, while some of  you may only be interested in one part or product. So, I am going to begin doing "mini" reviews, as well. For my first in-depth, single item review I am going to tell you about one of my favorite lash styles, Iris  by Carroussel Lashes. The Carroussel Lashes in Iris have become one of my favorite and I am so glad Carroussel Lashes reached out to me to let me try their lashes, since they were a brand I wasn't familiar with. Check out the photos and then read my thoughts!

Carroussel Lashes Iris

Style: 10/10 This is a natural style of lash that looks like you might have been born with long beautiful lashes. They are black mink hairs that flair slightly at the outer corners. These lashes would be flattering on almost all eye shapes and are subtle enough for use anytime.

Longevity: 9/10 I have worn the same pair of Iris lashes longer than I probably should. I have gotten 40+ uses with up to 35 uses in great condition. I have found that many of the more subtle lashes do not last long, but these are just now getting to the point where I need to toss them. I am very impressed with how well they have held up.

Price: 9/10 18.90 € ($20.93 USD) This is a very fair price for the quality of the lash. Mink lashes are usually $20-45+ so these are on the low end of the lashes I've tried.

Packaging: 8.5/10 All Carroussel lashes come in small cardboard boxes (pictured above) with Carroussel Lashes written across the top and the lash name on the side. It's pretty, but it does get scuffed up if they are thrown in a makeup bag. (I usually took these along when I traveled.) Inside the box is a plastic piece for the lashes. Overall, pretty typical packaging style for high end lashes.

Comfort:8.5/10 Since these lashes aren't very dense and are paired with a thin band, they are quite comfortable. You do need to be sure to cut them to fit your eyes, however, since if they are too long the inner corner can feel "pokey".  After a few wears they are pretty much unnoticeable.

Repurchase: Yes, I think these lashes are a great in both style, quality and price so I would repurchase.

I hope you enjoyed this one product review. Let me know what you think about shorter reviews. Do you like them or would you rather get a lot of information at once? Comment below!


Disclosure: These lashes were sent to me, but as always, my thoughts are honest and my own.

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