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Sigma Standout Eyes Gel Liners and Brushes Review


Disclaimer: These Sigma products were sent to me to try out. My thoughts are my own and I was not paid to post a review nor state positive thoughts

E06 Winged Liner Brush

E68  Liner Perfector Brush




 Without Flash - Unexpected, Royally Purple, Standout Peacock, Stunningly Ladylike, Liberally Toasted, Wicked


 With Flash - Unexpected, Royally Purple, Standout Peacock, Stunningly Ladylike, Liberally Toasted, Wicked


Liberally Toasted

Stunningly Ladylike

Standout Peacock

Royally Purple



Wicked -

Matte, Black. Quite black, very long lasting.

Liberally Toasted

- Matte, chocolate brown. This is a pretty chocolate color that looks great as a base shadow for a smokey eye or as a liner for more natural looks.

Stunningly Ladylike 

- Matte, dark, cool blackened brown. This color is a gorgeous alternative to black. It's lovely as a winged liner, as it's just slightly softer than black.

Standout Peacock

- Matte, teal. I am in love with this color. This color isn't as pigmented as the others, but has better slip. It's also lovely as a base.

Royally Striking 

- Matte, true purple. This is a very purple purple, which I like. Most purple liners I've seen are more plumb or raisin, but this is purple. This also has good slip, but is less pigmented than the others.


- Matte, grey. This one has the best texture & is a dream to make lines with. It's also a grey, which I've never seen in a liner before but I really like it.  It's very unique.

Price: 7/10

The liners are 2.8 grams for $14. This isn't an amazing price, nor it is an expensive price. For the amount of product and quality I think this is a fair price.

Pigmentation: 7-9/10

The pigmentation varies in colors. The Standout Peacock and Royally Purple are less pigmented than the rest, 7/10. The rest would be between an 8-9.

Texture: 7.5/10

Personally, they are a bit dry for my taste but they last all day on my eyes, so it's worth it. I prefer a gel formula with lots of slip. Unexpected is the perfect consistency, the rest are a tad drier. However, the less slippery formula lasts longer and is more smudge proof.

Longevity: 9/10

These stay very well on the eye. I have allergies so my eyes water quite a bit and this last all day for me. I've also worn Wicked to tight line and was impressed by the wear time.

Packaging: 8.5/10

Typical glass pot. This is my preferred packaging for eyeliners/creams. The lids are black with a holographic Sigma across the top. Very sleek and pretty to look at.

Overall Quality: 8.5/10 

Repurchase: Yes

Wicked, Unexpected,  Standout Peacock and Stunningly Ladylike I would repurchase for sure.


 Range of colors, longevity


 Pigmentation varies with color

Overall, I like these liners. I am especially fond of Wicked, Stunningly Ladylike and Unexpected. I like that there are some standard colors and some unconventional colors. Even though I prefer a slicker/creamier formula, this formula lasts very well on the eyes. If you're in the market for a new liner and you have trouble with longevity you may wanna check these out.


Price: 8.5/10 

The E06 is $14 and the E68 is $16 For the quality of the brushes I think this price is quite fair.

Packaging: 9/10

Typical Sigma brush. Sleek black with silver lettering. Ferrules are silver.

Overall Quality: 8.5/10 

Nice brushes on par with other Sigma brushes or MAC. Obviously these aren't like Goss or Hakuhodo brushes, but higher quality than Real Techniques or Sephora Classic brushes.

Repurchase: Yes

These  are brushes, so it's not like I'll have to be repurchasing these, but I'll answer this anyhow. I would get the E06 for sure,  as I've been reaching for this brush a lot. The E68 works great for it's purpose of cleaning up liner, however, I can get a pretty clean line with eyeliner so I don't usually touch it up, but I do like it for the brows and lips.


 Quality, brush works well for purpose


 I would prefer the E06 to have shorter bristles/less movement

Overall, I quite like these brushes, particularly the E06. I find it works great for smaller wings. I have smallish eyes with heavy lids, so I usually stick with small wings and this brush makes it easy with it's small size. The one thing that isn't really an issue but would make it even easier is if the bristles were a touch shorter so there was less movement. The E68 isn't a brush I grab for as much, but it's mostly since I don't clean up liner often. This brush works well to clean up liners, either with a silicon primer or with a concealer. I also like it to clean up the brow area or lips. Personally, I have been using this brush to clean up the lip line because the angle of it makes this pretty easy. I also use it if I want to get the "tape" cleanline with my shadows. My skin is too sensitive for tape, so I need to clean up the line to get the same effect. Both of these brushes get two thumbs up from me.


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