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Review: Mac Blushes

With Flash

Burnt Pepper, Desert Rose, Peaches, Devil, Salsa Rose, Azalea, Rhubarb

Burnt Pepper, Desert Rose, Peaches, Devil, Salsa Rose, Azalea, Rhubarb 

With Flash

Burnt Pepper - A warm terracotta color with a matte finish. Desert Rose - Soft dusty pink burgundy with a matte finish. Peaches - Pure peach color with a sheer finish.Devil -Bright coral orange with a stain finish. Salsa Rose - Light iridescent coraly pink with a satin finish.Azalea - Bright Iridescent Cool Pink with a frost finish. Rhubarb - Bright magenta with a satin finish.

Price: 8/10 

 The Pro pan blushes are $21 for 6 grams. For the quality I think this is a fair price.  If you get the blushes in the packaging they are $25 a piece.  

Pigmentation: 10/10

Overall, these are very pigmented. I am very impressed with how strong they can apply. One of the reasons I have MAC blushes in kit is because of the oigmentation, since they can be applied very lightly which can flatter 

Texture: 10/10

The texture is lovely.  It's very velvety and easy to pick up on your brush. It's also very easy to blend.

Packaging: NA 

This isn't applicable since I only ordered the pans.

Overall Quality: 10/10 

The pigmentation is very great, you need very little product even for deep skin tones, so the pans will last a long time. The color selection are nice and they blend well together.

Repurchase: Yes

I would repurchase all of these colors.


 Color, finish, texture, pigmentation


 If I find one I'll let you know

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