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Review: Mac Sculpting & Shaping Powders

 I have two Mac Sculpting Powders, Shadowy and Sculpt and two Shaping powders, Emphasize and Lightsweep.

In the pan without flash

In the pan with flash

Lightsweep, Emphasize, Shadowy, Sculpt

Lightsweep, Emphasize, Shadowy, Sculpt

The Mac website states this about the Scupting Powder: 

"A powder specially tinted to enhance natural bone structure and sculpt contours into the face. Immaculately shaded to create natural-looking shadow effects, the finish is sheer and matte."

and this about the Shaping Powders:

"A micro-fine shaping powder formulated with soft focus technology that accents and emphasizes the high planes of the face. More subtle than many highlighters, these are the ideal shade complement to M·A·C Pro Sculpting Powder."  

And both are sold in pro stores or online for $16.50

In regards to the statements by Mac I would say they are mostly correct. The sculpting powders I have are ashy and mimic shadows well are are perfectly matte. The shaping powders are more subtle than a lot of highlighters, but I don't think I'd say they give a "soft focus" look.
Lightsweep: It has a great texture, very soft. It has a soft shimmer in the pan, but it is a perfect satin finish on the skin. It has a peachy champagne tone when swatched on my fair skin, but looks like a champagne tan in the pan.
Emphasize: Same texture as Lightweep, same soft shimmer in pan with a satin finish on the skin. When swatched its an off white and looks white in the pan. I use this as my highlight as I am very fair.
Shadowy: Soft texture, very pigmented. It is matte and pretty dark, but it you have really deep skin it probably won't be dark enough. Quite ashy so it's perfect for contouring. 
Sculpt: Soft texture, again pigmented well and swatches the same color as the pan. Works well on fair to medium skin. I would prefer it to be slightly more ashy/gray.

Price: 7/10 

Pigmentation: 9.5/10

Texture: 10/10

Packaging: 3/10 (nothing fancy just pans)

Fallout: 9.5/10 

Overall Quality: 9/10 
Repurchase: Yes

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