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Sun-Kissed Bronzer & Easy Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Tutorial

Sun-Kissed Bronzer & Easy Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Tutorial

This is a perfect look for a summer day out shopping,  walking on the beach or just hanging out.  The eyeshadow look is super easy to apply and it's all created using the Lorac Pro Palette. Then, I'll show you how to apply bronzer to get a sun-kissed look.  Just follow along to learn how!

As always prime your eyes! I use the NARS Pro Prime.

Add some of Gold(shimmer, orange gold) from the Lorac Pro all over the lid. I use a Mac 242 for this step.

 Add a base shadow.  For my skin tone Cream (matte, cool pale cream) from the Lorac Pro is perfect.

Grab some Taupe (matte, mid tone neutral brown) from the Lorac Pro and blend it along the crease and halfway up the brow.

Blend it out! I am using a Mac 217.

Add some Sable (matte, mid-dark brown shadow) into the crease. I used a Mac 217 for this so it would be very soft.

Add some Taupe across the whole lower lash line. I use a Pencil brush for this.

Take some Light Bronze (shimmer, pale gold) and highlight the inner corner.

Add some mascara and you're golden!

We'll start bronzing here.  As you can see, I am quite fair so if you have a deeper skin tone feel free to bronze it up even more. I am going to start by using Makeup and Hair Addiction The Blusher brush to apply.  Any fluffy soft brush will do. I am also using Too Faced Chocolate Solee Bronzer, as it is my favorite. I am opting for a matte bronzer, but you can use any bronzer for this sun-kissed look, shimmer or no shimmer.

Since we want to look sun-kissed like we've just come back from a weekend at the beach, we are going to hit the places the sun would naturally touch. So we're going to add some bronzer to all the high points of the face. I start at my forehead and blend half way down and then blend up into my hairline.

Now onto the tops of the cheeks, since this is where the sun would hit. Remember to blend to the hair/ears so it looks natural. We're also not contouring here since contouring represents shadows and we only wanna hit where the sun would.

Add a touch to the top of the nose.

Hit the chin lightly as well.

Take a step back and blend, blend and then blend a bit more so there are no harsh lines.

I added some blusher. I am using Mac Warm Soul (mineralized, bronze-gold peach), since I think it goes great with this sun-kissed look.

I threw on some highlighter and a peach gloss (NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake) to finish off the look!

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