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How to Correct and Conceal Under Eye Darkness

This post is a focused tutorial on concealing under eye darkness. I will go over application and where to apply in the photos. Later, I will explain why I apply products where I apply them & why I use certain products. I also will talk about which correctors you should get depending on skin tone. I'll also touch on concealers. Let's get started with the application!

Here's what we are starting with.

Start by applying the corrector. I am using NYX Corrector in Fair. I use a Naked 2 Brush to apply, but any flat synthetic brush will do. Apply the corrector just where you have the most darkness.

Blend it out to just where the darkness ends. I use either a fluffy synthetic brush or just a clean finger.

 Now, we're going to start adding concealer. I am using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, which matches my skin tone.  Again, place this just where there is darkness. The reason to use a corrector followed by a concealer matching your skin tone is that we're not highlighting here (doing the triangle of concealer followed by a lighter shade). We are just hiding the darkness & we don't wanna highlight the problem area.

At this point you can still see a bit of darkness under my eye, so I like to layer on a second layer of concealer. I don't want to get a lot of creasing, so I  spray my brush with a setting spray (here I am using ELF Mist and Set) and  then pat it over where I'll be placing more concealer.

Add a little more concealer where ever you need it & blend it all out.

This is the result. I do powder lightly under my eyes, but that is up to you. I used NARS Light Reflecting Translucent Crystal powder.

Corrector vs Concealer: A concealer is a skin-colored product used to conceal and hide a blemish on the skin. A corrector is used to neutralize an unwanted color on face that a concealer alone can't cover.  Correctors do not match your skin tone.

Why we use a corrector: Correctors are used to neutralize the color of any unwanted darkness so the darkness can be covered by a concealer and not look ashy when a concealer is applied. Correctors neutralize the unwanted color by applying it's complimentary color (opposite on the color wheel) on top of it. For more information on complimentary colors check out my post on Color Theory.

Where we apply correctors: Apply a corrector only to the dark area to ensure that once concealer is applied over the top the darkness will be covered, yet there wont be a pink/peach/orange cast from the corrector.

Why can't we just use a corrector:  A corrector is made to neutralize a color & so alone they don't match the skin tone.  Another product that matches the skin  needs to be applied over it.

What color corrector: Use a color which is the complementary color of the darkness you wish to hide. For fair skin tones use light pinks, pale yellow and peaches. For deeper skin tones use pink, yellow and orange. Deeper skin tones can use the color at a fuller value (think orange not salmon), since using a color with too much tint (white) will look ashy after the concealer is applied.

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