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Tutorial: Smokey Eyes with the Chocolate Bar Palette

I wanted to do another look using the Chocolate Bar Palette since I think it's such a useful palette to have. I have also been wearing smokey eyes a lot lately because they look a little more effortless and messy, which I like for summer. Keep following along if you wanna see how to create this easy, messy, brown smokey eye. 

 This is the look we'll be creating.

 Prime your lids. I am using Lorac Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer.

 Apply White Chocolate (matte, cream) from the crease to the brow bone. I use a Sigma E60 for this.

 Apply Haute Chocolate (shimmer, neutral brown) to the outer two thirds of the lid. I use a MAC 242 for this step.

Apply Gilded Ganache (shimmer, dark olive-tinged brown), all over the lid and blend upwards. I use a Sigma E45 for this.

 Blend Milk Chocolate (matte, mid tone neutral brown) from the crease to half way up the brow bone (or a bit further if that is your thing). I use a Sigma E40 for this step.

 Time to get smokey! Take Triple Fudge (satiny, deep olive tinged brown) and place it along the lash line and into the crease. I use a pencil brush for this step.

 Blend it out. I use a Mac 217 for this.

 Add a bit of black along the lash line. I am using Saucebox Black Widow (matte, black) to really deepen this eye & use an angled brush to place.

 Blend it out, but keep the color concentrated at the lash line. I use a pencil brush to blend so that I can just blend the edges so it stays nice and dark.

 Blend more Triple Chocolate along the lid and blend upwards. I use a Mac 217 for this.

 Use a pencil brush to line your lower lash line with Gilded Ganache.

 Use a MAC 217 to blend it out. I enjoy blending it out pretty far, but blend to where you feel comfortable.

 Take some Triple Chocolate on pencil brush and run it along the outer quarter of the lash line.

 Take a Mac 217 and blend it out. I prefer a more blown out look, but you can always skip this step.

 Add some Champagne Truffle (shimmer, white pearl with a pink shift) to the inner corner to highlight. I use a Sigma E45.

 Take some more Champagne Truffle and run it on the brow bone. I use a Simga E60 for this step.

 Add some mascara and your done. I also added House of Lashes Pixie Luxe lashes!

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